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Art Institute of Atlanta Alumni, Reginald “Reggie” Parker, was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Recognizing his gifted talent of photography at a young age, he began pursuing it by relocating to Georgia in the 1980’s to unapologetically chase his dreams; it was this single move that led him face to face with a grand opportunity to provide him with business and creative growth later on.


Today, Reginald is one of the most renowned photographers in Atlanta, Georgia. Having performed his passion for more than 30 years, he’s left his mark in the United States of America as well as in the hearts of many idolized individuals such as Bob James, Wynton Marsalis, Usher, Shaquille O’ Neal, Andre 3000, Magic Johnson, President Jimmy Carter, the late Coretta Scott King, etc.


Specializing in weddings, commercial/editorial, events and portrait shooting, Parker has photographed memorable moments at the 1996 Olympics Games in Atlanta and throughout the years his work has been published in Black Enterprise, Time Magazine, JET, The Atlanta Business Journal, and has even partnered with industry-leading companies like Coca-Cola and IBM. Many individuals have associated Parker with terms like reliable, value-driven, and charming. In fact, Jordan Parker, his middle son and new business partner, taken under Reginald’s wings in Reggie Parker Photography for more than six years. Shadowing his father, Jordan assists in the business and creative development of videography for the company. He was the Top 10 Recipient at the 2013 Campus Movie Festival Award at his college during his first year participating. He has also massively benefited with his eye-catching, hysterical, and inspiring videos on the second largest search engine: YouTube. As his videos continue to hit mass audiences worldwide, Jordan’s primary focus is building his clientele as a professional videographer, (i.e. wedding and commercial), and Reginald Parker’s protégé.   




“Make the moment last.” – Reginald “Reggie” Parker


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